Entry #1


2016-01-11 14:31:04 by BadWorks

I seem to have teased your balls with an animation or snappy comment of mine, therefore i'd like to congratulate u on your arrival to my channel. This is where i will upload funny ideas i have in the form of a shitty animation, and over the course of time there will be more for people to enjoy. Speaking of time, i don't really have allot of it, i have friends, school, family, and parties to attend to. But most chances i get i will put work into an upcoming animation.

Anyways just wanted to say hi and welcome u to Badworks. U can follow me on Newgrounds by clicking the heart icon-thing ( also have a youtube channel but that's only for the real OG's )  
Have a good day and enjoy your stay on my channel.  




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2016-03-15 18:39:56

yep, im the first to post on this newpost.

salute me! sing about my glory!


anyway, nice to meet you man, you do some funny stuff, keep it up.